Committed Person 4 Progress


This is YOU! Start up a creative project at home and show others how to use themselves as vessels of positivity! Email us and make a pledge to our campaign and we will send you a cool license to be a Committed Person 4 Peace on which you can write your own personal Pledge 4 Peace/Progress






























Create Pieces (of Art) 4 Progress


New Jersey aritst Sonia Elefante helped design our poster for the mural in 2015, as well as several other projects in New Brunswick.

Do you have images you'd like us to share? Sell to raise funds? Stories or Poetry?

Anything is possible.

Committed Place 4 Peace


Register your home or business to receive a certified CP4P poster stating your intention to foster the values of honesty, integrity, community, and cooperation at your place. One time fee of 25$, which can either be mailed via check or donated via Paypal. Make sure to include your address!


CP4P Mural Design,

Sonya Elefante, 2015


CP4P Poetry Workshop, Greater Brunswick Charter School,

April 2015

Create Poetry 4 Progress


Bring our two hour workshop to your place of business or school! During this workshop every participant leaves with new knowledge on a poetic tool as well as a poem of their own and a copy of the poem we write together as a group using pieces of every participant's individual poems!


This is a healing process designed to share the power of poetry with participants of all ages. Can be adapted to any age group and any genre and will work with any financial limitations necessary in order to share the poetic message of progress.

Click the Quill to Read  Poetry from a Workshop and Share Your Own!

Create 4 Progress Art Nights!


Weekly art nights are a great way to foster positivity and creativity! Currently, the Blueberry Shire is closed and art nights are on hold. However, if you are holding your own art nights, please let us know so we can publish on the site!


DISCLAIMER: You don't have to think you are a creative person to come to an art night!




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